Travellers whip out their dancing shoes at Kraze Legz Winery

Even without its curious name, Kraze Legz Winery is an intriguing place to visit for holidaymakers at the Walnut Beach Resort. The fall season can be the perfect time to visit one of Okanagan Valley's stunning vineyards, and this quirky winery is the perfect blend of refined winemaking and laid-back, social fun. This October, the winery will host one of its popular annual events, bringing together great food, lessons on harvesting and of course, delectable wines.

The establishment is family-owned and boasts an atmosphere similar to the Roaring Twenties, when "kraze legz" were a must when on the dance floor listening to swinging jazz melodies. The unique climate of the region provides the perfect atmosphere for the vineyard's grapes, and each year, the family hand-harvests each fruit to make each bottle of their fine wines.

At their seasonal parties, grape growers and vineyard owners provide a harvest tour of the grounds, giving visitors from the nearby Osoyoos hotel a taste of the various grapes, as well as the wines that they produce after the fermenting process. Once they've returned to the winery and the outdoor terrace, they can grab a slice of the hot wood-fired pizza and give a toast to the handcrafted glass of wine in their hands, whether it's The Bee's Knees, The Charleston or The Cakewalk.

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